Applied Learning

Applied Learning Dept.

        The Applied Learning Department is comprised of three separate departments:  the Business Department, the Family & Consumer Science Department, and the Technology Education Department.  Our Applied Learning Department encompasses a wide range of courses to educate students by giving them opportunities to apply their learning first-hand thereby allowing students to see the relationship between the classroom and the real world.  No matter what course(s) students choose, they will be gaining skills which will last a lifetime.

comp016.gifBusiness Department

The Business and Computer Department offers a wide variety of courses to meet the needs of our student body. Our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to successfully compete in our ever-changing global society.

A mixture of computer offerings using industry recognized software allows students to learn valuable skills that they can use in both their academic and personal lives.  Sports Marketing?   Personal Finance?  Web Page Design?  Desktop Publishing? College Accounting?  We have a lot to offer.

Technology Education

The Technology Education Department offers an array of courses to interest students.  We offer state of the art technology in our automotive shop, use power tools in our wood shop, and offer training in industry recognized software relating to computer aided drafting.  
Through a practical approach, students are exposed to useful skills which will allow them to become successful in tech. ed. careers in their future.  Auto Mechanics?  CAD?  Robotics?  Carpentry?  Once again, we have so much to offer.
Family & Consumer Science

10152009_14429_2.jpgThe Family & Consumer Science Department teaches a collection of courses that allows the students to become actively involved in the curriculum.    Students are given the chance to prepare food and examine nutritional needs across one’s life span, to analyze professional practices related to working with children, to examine fashion and sewing, to study various career paths, and many more opportunities.  

Culinary Arts?  Child Development?  Textile Arts?  FCS courses help prepare students with vital skills and knowledge for their future.

Kelly Lloyd
Department Chair

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