Geometry A

Geometry A
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This course follows the SKHS Geometry A curriculum. The textbook, Geometry: Integration Applications Connections, published by Glencoe/McGraw Hill, has online services available for students and parents. The white board lessons are provided by Discovery Education which SKHS students can access by by typing in their SKHS student ID for the username and the password: student. If you have difficulty logging onto Discovery Ed,  contact me.

Accompanying each lesson is a notes-outline to be completed while watching the instruction.These outlines are offered in pdf format so they can be opened and printed with Adobe Reader.  The notes-outlines are designed to accompany the online lesson and provide both a means for active participation and an accurate record of the topics covered for future reference. Each online presentation can be paused and watched as often as needed for complete understanding. There is an assignment at the end of each lesson either from the book or on a worksheet in pdf format. It is very important for the student to complete each assignment to reinforce learning. Also, in the table below are reviews for quizzes and tests complete with handwritten keys so the student can see all the work done out. It is recommended that a binder is utilized to organize the lessons and assignments in an orderly manner for future reference. It is my intention to provide a source of learning, remediation and/or enrichment for the subject of Geometry in the work that follows. The reader is encouraged to provide constructive feedback, that can be used to improve this site.

Thank you for your interest.
Diane Wilkens

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Chapter 1 (Con't)

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Chapter 5

Class Review for Test 5

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Section 13-7


Chapter 7

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Quiz 1

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Chapter 10
Review for Polygon Quiz

Review Quiz 2 Chapter 10


C 10 Test

Chapter 11
Area Volume
Final Exam Review 2013