Homework Policy

Mrs. Wilkens
Math Department
215 Columbia Street
Wakefield, RI  02879


September 2011

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The South Kingstown High School Mathematics Department believes that mathematics can and must be learned by all students. This is our philosophy as stated on our school department web page.  To accomplish this we have created an environment that has high expectations for all students.  We want all students to work to their highest potential, produce their best work, and learn in depth.  Teachers in the math department are available most afternoons for additional help to support your child.

Since mathematics is a very sequential subject, regular completion of homework is necessary for success.  Students who do not complete their homework are at a disadvantage in class on the day that the homework is reviewed.  They are not prepared to discuss the assignment and they are not confident moving forward.  

In my classes I will be re-emphasizing the importance of completing homework by enacting the following expectations:  
  • to receive full credit an assignment must be presented on the day it is due.
  • missing assignments are expected on the day following the due date (partial credit may be given.)
  • if no assignmet is produced after the second day, the student will remain after school on that day to complete the assignment (a grade of 0 will be earned)  
It is my intention that this effort will provide the support mechanism that will improve students' study skills.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the high school by calling 360-1000 or by email at dwilkens@skschools.net.


Diane Wilkens