Diane Wilkens

Mrs. Wilkens
Math Department
215 Columbia Street
Wakefield, RI  02879

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to my home page. It is my intent that this site become a valuable resource for all of my students and their parents. I have created it to provide important information as well as an easy and efficient means of communication.

Some of the documents included under each course heading are: notes outlines, quiz and test reviews. These pdf files can be printed out in case a student lost or didn't receive a copy for some reason. A student who has been absent can check this site to keep up with missed work and assignments; while a parent can see first hand what has been covered and assigned.

The outlines can be use as a guide for note taking in class but could also be used with the text to identify key concepts and examples. In addition to the text, Discovery Education may be used to demonstrate concepts. The homework assignment is found at the end of each outline.

A Review is always assigned the night before a quiz or test, and collected the next day for a homework grade.

Please use the Navigation Sidebar at the left to find general classroom and homework policies, calendars, important notices and the specific documents mentioned above.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child's progress in my class. Together we should look forward to a very sucessful year in math.

One more thing. You might like to view this video called The Last Lecture. It is very moving and I hope it will motivate young and old alike to reach for their dreams.

Diane Wilkens